Flexitex Systems



Flexitex Systems is a textured finish formulated to provide a flexible, thermal reflective waterproof coating to exterior and interior surfaces.  As this entire system is normally spray applied, it proves a fast economical finish over tilt slabs, panel board, cement brick, plasterboard and other common construction materials.  Because of the consistent texture finish even “less than perfect” surfaces can be made to be aesthetically acceptable.

Flexitex Systems is a two or three step system,  offering total waterproofing to most common structural substrates, and is based on a membrane formulated to pass the Australian Standard for Waterproofing Membranes.  The System is environmentally friendly with particularly low VOC content, and is rapidly applied by conventional equipment.  One outstanding feature of the Flexitex Systems finish is the rapidity of the application time when compared with perhaps a typical render finish.  The time saving is huge, making a structure complete in a fraction of the normal time.

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