Pave-Guard Anti Slip Acrylic is a water thinned, lead free self cross-linking acrylic paving paint designed to give excellent adhesion and a durable anti slip surface.

Pave-Guard can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including Pavements, concrete floors, asphalt surfaces, brickwork, timber, steel and aluminium.

This low sheen coating comes as a neutral base tint able to a wide range of colours as per AS2700 industrial colour range.

Pave-Guard Anti-Slip Acrylic Coating can be seal coated with Pave-Guard Clear water based acrylic finish sealer 2-4 hours after application of Pave-Guard for added protection from moisture, solvents and oils.

Maxi Metal Primer for metal surfaces and Timberguard Primer for concrete and timbers surfaces are also available.

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