Our Tactile system is a new generation solution for instant, durable and aesthetically pleasing tactile ground surface indicators. This unique product blends style and versatility within a system that is modular, flexible and extremely cost effective. Ground-breaking Peel and Bond application technology is state-of-the-art in its design, yet simple and easy to install, giving it an immediate practical appeal and extensive usage possibilities

Non fade, non slip and non delaminating Australian made tactile ground surface indicators for the vision impaired. These products, known as the Tactile Ground Surface Indicator system (TGSI) are fully compliant with Australian Standards and are guaranteed for 10 years. Tactiles are now made from high-tech polyurethane. Strong, durable and conceived with extreme conditions in mind, the polyurethane gives the tactile tiles a lasting edge and superior performance.

Tactiles have been developed for today’s demands and tomorrow’s conditions. The technological advancement of these tiles place them ahead of their time, and their versatility pays a subtle compliment to their revolutionary design and innovative construction.

CSIRO Tested
Tactile Tiles have a slip rating of R11 which is well beyond the Australia Standards code for both indoor and outdoor use

Colours Available
Tactiles are available in a range of standard and most widely used colours. Customers may also have their own colour range made up (minimum quantities apply) to ensure that the tiles enhance almost any design, style and colour scheme. Please Contact Us if you have any specialty colour requirements

Guaranteed Wear Resistance
The polyurethane Tactile has a unique non slip surface forged into the tile domes. This surface was thoroughly tested by the CSIRO and proven to exhibit ‘wear resistance’ equivalent to that of ‘granite’ and ‘glazed’ ceramic tiles. Tactiles are produced as squares, making them modular and able to be combined in endless configurations


Tactiles are produced as squares, making them modular and able to be combined in endless configurations. The default sizes are:

* 300mm x 300mm

The unique formulation of these tiles makes them easy to cut accurately into the shapes required by unusual ground layouts and features.

For more information please call one of our friendly staff on 0418 501 895

 Flexitex Tactile Styles